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Turning Empty Buildings into Schools


Friends of Pakistan USA is partnering with Hoshyar Foundation to extend girls’ education by funding three teacher’s salaries. This allows girls to attend school tuition free.

Hoshyar reports in their recent newsletter, “Our non-profit partners in Pakistan continue to develop productive relationships with each community and with the government. Hoshyar, together with Friends’ Welfare Association, expanded two abandoned girls’ middle schools into high schools and returned them to government support this year. We also converted a beautiful primary school in Bararkot village into a full-scale high school where classes are held in two shifts.

Probably the most exciting development in 2013 was that Hoshyar inaugurated higher secondary courses in four of our six schools. Twenty-four high school graduates in KPK are taking college prep classes in the humanities and sciences, and three new teachers have been hired. Scholarships for these courses are made possible by a donation from the Friends of Pakistan USA.

Millard MottTurning Empty Buildings into Schools


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  • PATTI KRATKY - March 28, 2014 reply

    I hope that this continues for many generations.

    Millard Mott - March 29, 2014 reply

    I agree. It’s a great start.

    alene moris - April 16, 2014 reply

    I am confused to hear the emphasis on higher education for girls when I understand the biggest need is for primary education. If girls can’t read or write, they are very handicapped and unlikely to vote.

  • Deborah Brogden - April 16, 2014 reply

    I can’t recall where I first heard this; but, the school, the photo, the basic concept, all call to mind: “Educate a woman & you educate a village”. Of course, the knowledge a woman has will travel, travel from person to person and from home to home. A women’s experience, training, learning will spread to those around her. That’s part of the beauty of what you are doing. Much thanks.–DB

  • Millard Mott - April 16, 2014 reply

    We are targeting that critical stage in a girls’ education of 11th and 12 grades. This is preparatory for the next step of the University or technical training,i.e., health worker. While the Pakistani government can fund elementary grades we are using our scholarships to move young women into professional roles in the society.

  • Kay Gordon - April 30, 2014 reply

    Higher education is essential for teacher prep as well as other professions. Wonderful to support this!

    Millard Mott - April 30, 2014 reply

    Thanks for the comment, Kay. I agree.

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