Friends of Pakistan USA

Women's Empowerment Center

June 22, 2017 | Millard Mott

The Albari Welfare Association’s Women’s Empowerment Center is a three year pilot project to develop small scale businesses in Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan through the business and leadership training of the village women. The Center is funded by Friends of Pakistan USA.

The Albari Welfare Association has operated a village school for over 16 years for women who wanted to complete their high school matriculation after dropping out. The school will continue as Al Bari extends its work for womens empowerment.

The proposed Empowerment Center will refurbish a building, provide appliances for food preservation training, produce food items for marketing, present food workshops and lectures on financial elevation, rights awareness, health and nutrition related issues and personal grooming throughout the year.

In collaboration with other established organizations a team of a project manager, center coordinator mobilizer/rural facilitator, and former Matric Center graduate volunteers will maintain the Empowerment Center. The Empowerment Center will become a resource for participants to expand their employment possibilities and become more influential members of their village communities.