Friends of Pakistan USA

Positive Results from Scholarship Program in Pakistan

July 5, 2016 | Millard Mott

Three years ago Friends of Pakistan USA initiated a scholarship program with the Government Girls Degree College in Rerra, Bagh District in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Each year we fund two-year scholarships for six girls at the 13th and 14th levels.  What progress have we made?

We are excited to report our first scholarship group of six girls have graduated. One of the six has gone on to the University; five are teaching in village schools. Three of the six are offering scholarships to other girls in the neighborhood.

The average household income for families in that area where the school is located is $150 month. Generally parents prefer to provide education to boys because they think girls are ultimately going to go to other families and boys will become providers of the families.

This project is changing the thinking of some people in the local community that girls can also contribute to family income. The first batch of girls are now teaching at local schools and helping their families on small scale. This project is not only promoting girls’ education but also encouraging gender equality.

Watch your email for subsequent reports and stories about our successful three-week trip to Pakistan. The news about girls’ education is very encouraging and we want to share that with you.