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FOPUSA Board Special Election and Updates

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We want to keep you informed about Friends of Pakistan USA happenings and to get your ideas to improve what we do.

Updates: We have a FOPUSA Board Special Election coming up for VP of Membership. We’ve just updated our website. Please take a look and give us feedback. Ann Hartman, one of our Board members, is leading a group of journalists from Pakistan who are visiting the US in April. Here’s another powerful video on the importance of girl’s education.

FOPUSA Board Special Election

We’ll be holding a Special Election in the next couple of months for VP of Membership. Patti Kratky had to resign from the FOPUSA Board for personal reasons. We’re sorry to lose her contributions on the Board but she will remain a member. If you would like to be considered as a candidate for the Board or want to recommend someone, please contact Ken Choquette our Nominating Committee Chair:

Check Out New Website

We’ve updated the website for Friends of Pakistan USA. The new site is cleaner looking, easier to navigate and better for getting the word out to a larger audience. We want to use social media to reach as broad a community of enthusiastic folks committed to girls’ education in Pakistan. Click here ( .

 Meeting With Pakistani Journalists

FOPUSA Board members will be meeting with 16 journalists from Pakistan in April. We will be in Washington, DC for two days to discuss ways to strengthen girls education in Pakistan. Ann Hartman, one of our Board members, has organized the program for the East West Center at the University of Hawaii.

Fundraising Goal Exceeded

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! We exceeded our fundraising goal of $10,000 for our Education Fund. Special thanks to Benny Cespedes for matching funds that pushed us to $10,400. This allows us to continue strong support for girls’ education in Pakistan.

New Global Power: Girls with Books

There are some very provocative films being published about the importance of women and their education. This is one of them. Click here ( to view this powerful film on girls’ education.

We believe that education is the best way to give Pakistani children hope and an alternative to extremism.

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Millard MottFOPUSA Board Special Election and Updates

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