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Dear FOPUSA Members and Friends,

Like many of you, the Peace Corps experience changed my life. Fifty years ago, I returned to the States knowing I wanted to work in public service and to focus my energy on US domestic society more than international relations.

In 2000 I retired from over thirty years of community and organization development work. Time to travel again. My wife Bonnie and I spent four stimulating years of teaching English overseas — a year each in China, Indonesia, Ecuador and Turkey.

Today the Friends of Pakistan USA gives us the opportunity to continue the ideals and work we forged in our earlier volunteer experience.

FOPUSA is now supporting inspiring education projects in Pakistan. My hope for the coming year is that FOPUSA is able to address the following:

1. Strengthen the already exciting education projects we are now funding in Pakistan. Give special attention to our relationships and contacts on the ground. And flesh out how we can measure tangible outcomes from our contributions.

2. Find better ways to keep members, friends, and donors informed and connected to our work in Pakistan. Create a sense of community and esprit among our network of allies and friends so everyone feels motivated to contribute.

3. Connect more intentionally with other small non-profits doing similar work. And discover best practices that can be shared and promoted to advance education and the elimination of poverty.

Please be ready to join our exciting work.

Millard Mott, President
Friends of Pakistan USA

Jim SheldonContact