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Congratulations to Scholarship Students!!

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You Can Be Proud Of Your Donation To Girls’ Education in Pakistan………

These young women pictured above are completing the first year of their two-year scholarships from Friends of Pakistan USA. Congratulations!! to Salma, Shazeen, Shamsa, Fehreen, Fouzia and Sobia who represent the second group of students you have helped fund. They start the second and last year of University preparation in August 2015.

The total of $10,000 which you contributed to has allowed us to provide scholarships to six groups of young women through 2018. All students are enrolled at Government Girls Degree College in Rerra, State of Azad, Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. The scholarships cover the 13th and 14th grades.

We will continue to keep you informed about the students progress. For information or to make a donation go to: Friends of Pakistan USA.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Millard Mott, President

Friends of Pakistan USA

Millard MottCongratulations to Scholarship Students!!

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