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New Scholarship Program in Pakistan


Friends of Pakistan USA is very excited to announce a new scholarship program with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan. Our first student will be enrolled in a two-year pre-med program at Government College, Abbotabad, KPK (formerly, the Northwest Frontier Province). The first year will be funded with our Charlie Anholt Education Fund.

Umama is a graduate of The Citizens Foundation secondary school in KPK. She has 5 siblings all of whom are pursuing their education at TCF schools. Her father did BSC in 1992 but remains jobless and supports a family of 8 members with a small farming business. The unsteady income makes it very hard for the siblings to stay in school and focus on their studies.

Umama has a keen interest in her studies and is determined to to pursue a medical career so that she can make a rewarding career for herself, and support her family and help the community. The featured picture is a science classroom in a TCF school not the scholarship candidate.

Millard MottNew Scholarship Program in Pakistan
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Women’s Empowerment Center

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The Albari Welfare Association’s Women’s Empowerment Center is a three year pilot project to develop small scale businesses in Jaranwala, Punjab, Pakistan through the business and leadership training of the village women. The Center is funded by Friends of Pakistan USA.

18556546_1336011103100641_6345814453400820077_oThe Albari Welfare Association has operated a village school for over 16 years for women who wanted to complete their high school matriculation after dropping out. The school will continue as Al Bari extends its work for womens empowerment.

The proposed Empowerment Center will refurbish a building, provide appliances for food preservation training, produce food items for marketing, present food workshops and lectures on financial elevation, rights awareness, health and nutrition related issues and personal grooming throughout the year.

In collaboration with other established organizations a team of a project manager, center coordinator mobilizer/rural facilitator, and former Matric Center graduate volunteers will maintain the Empowerment Center. The Empowerment Center will become a resource for participants to expand their employment possibilities and become more influential members of their village communities.


Millard MottWomen’s Empowerment Center
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Education for Girls who Have Dropped Out of School

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Report of Friends of Pakistan USA trip to Pakistan in May 2016: An hour outside of Faisalabad, Pakistan, we visited a two-room school house for adult women who had dropped out of school because of family or economic pressure. The Al Bari Adult Education Center provides classes to women so they can complete their 10th grade requirements at an individualized pace. The Education Center was started by two young Pakistani professionals, Bari and his wife Sadia, a lawyer and teacher respectively.

Nadra, the daughter of carpet weavers, was one of the program’s first students. To get her father’s permission to participate in the program, she went on a hunger strike for three days. Her parent’s relented, she joined the classes and has since completed grade 14 (MA) and has become a teacher. After resisting initially, the families in her village are now supporting women’s education.

Millard MottEducation for Girls who Have Dropped Out of School
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Positive Results from Scholarship Program in Pakistan

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DSCF6290Three years ago Friends of Pakistan USA initiated a scholarship program with the Government Girls Degree College in Rerra, Bagh District in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Each year we fund two-year scholarships for six girls at the 13th and 14th levels.  What progress have we made?

We are excited to report our first scholarship group of six girls have graduated. One of the six has gone on to the University; five are teaching in village schools. Three of the six are offering scholarships to other girls in the neighborhood.

The average household income for families in that area where the school is located is $150 month. Generally parents prefer to provide education to boys because they think girls are ultimately going to go to other families and boys will become providers of the families.

This project is changing the thinking of some people in the local community that girls can also contribute to family income. The first batch of girls are now teaching at local schools and helping their families on small scale. This project is not only promoting girls’ education but also encouraging gender equality.

Watch your email for subsequent reports and stories about our successful three-week trip to Pakistan. The news about girls’ education is very encouraging and we want to share that with you.

Millard MottPositive Results from Scholarship Program in Pakistan
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Journey to Pakistan 2016

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Dear Friends of Friends of Pakistan USA,

You may have been able to follow Friends of Pakistan USA three week journey in Pakistan through my Facebook postings and emails. Here is a final report of our trip. Reports on the individual schools will follow with further posts.

In summary, we traveled to schools in the vicinities of Lahore, Faizalabad, Islamabad, Mansehra and Hunza. All these areas are in the Northern and more mountainous areas of Pakistan. While we were unable to visit our scholarship program at Government Girls Degree College in Azad Jammu & Kashmir because of security concerns, Friends of Pakistan USA has had an evaluation completed on the scholarship program.

The most striking and positive impression we have from our time in Pakistan, came from visiting schools that are founded and supported by a new generation of Pakistanis. They are well-educated, globally aware and committed to progressive change in Pakistan. An example of this encouraging change, is a couple in their forties living in Lahore. Sadia is a teacher and Bari is a lawyer. They have established an Adult Education Center in a village near Faizalabad for women who have dropped out of school. The Center gives students the opportunity to return to school and complete their high school education.

So what about the scholarship program that we’ve been supporting in Rerra, Azad Jammu & Kashmir? The evaluation shows that of the first group of six graduating girls one has gone on to the University and five are teaching in their village and providing income to their families. Three girls are providing free tuition to needy students in their neighborhood. Seven girls among eighteen scholarship recipients are orphans and are dependent on other relatives. The average monthly income of these families is $150. Our educational scholarships of $150 for the year make a significant contribution.

This year Friends of Pakistan USA will be considering how we can best expand our scholarship program to support the inspiring work of so many others in Pakistan. We’ll keep you posted!

I’ve posted a video on Youtube of images of our Pakistan trip:

Millard MottJourney to Pakistan 2016
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2015 Successful Scholarship Recipients


Friends of Pakistan USA (FOPUSA) continued the scholarship program with the Government Girls Degree College in Rerra, Azad Jammu & Kashmir. A second group of girls entered their second year of the program and a third group began it’s first year. FOPUSA funds a two-year scholarship for groups of six girls each year. The two years in the 13 & 14 levels which is a university preparation.

Millard Mott2015 Successful Scholarship Recipients
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Friends of Pakistan USA Scholarships Expanded

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DSC01133Congratulations to Fehreen, Fazia, Salma, Shamia, Shazeen and Sobia. These students have just received scholarships for their second and final year of university preparation from  Friends of Pakistan USA  We are thrilled to have the second group of six girls starting their second year.   Scholarships were given by Mr. Choudry Javed Anjum, Principal of the Girls Degree College Rerra.

Millard MottFriends of Pakistan USA Scholarships Expanded
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Congratulations to Scholarship Students!!

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You Can Be Proud Of Your Donation To Girls’ Education in Pakistan………

These young women pictured above are completing the first year of their two-year scholarships from Friends of Pakistan USA. Congratulations!! to Salma, Shazeen, Shamsa, Fehreen, Fouzia and Sobia who represent the second group of students you have helped fund. They start the second and last year of University preparation in August 2015.

The total of $10,000 which you contributed to has allowed us to provide scholarships to six groups of young women through 2018. All students are enrolled at Government Girls Degree College in Rerra, State of Azad, Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. The scholarships cover the 13th and 14th grades.

We will continue to keep you informed about the students progress. For information or to make a donation go to: Friends of Pakistan USA.

Thanks again for your continued support,

Millard Mott, President

Friends of Pakistan USA

Millard MottCongratulations to Scholarship Students!!
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