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New Scholarship Program in Pakistan

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Friends of Pakistan USA is very excited to announce a new scholarship program with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan. Our first student will be enrolled in a two-year pre-med program at Government College, Abbotabad, KPK (formerly, the Northwest Frontier Province). The first year will be funded with our Charlie Anholt Education Fund.

Umama is a graduate of The Citizens Foundation secondary school in KPK. She has 5 siblings all of whom are pursuing their education at TCF schools. Her father did BSC in 1992 but remains jobless and supports a family of 8 members with a small farming business. The unsteady income makes it very hard for the siblings to stay in school and focus on their studies.

Umama has a keen interest in her studies and is determined to to pursue a medical career so that she can make a rewarding career for herself, and support her family and help the community. The featured picture is a science classroom in a TCF school not the scholarship candidate.

Millard MottNew Scholarship Program in Pakistan

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